Language and literacy are  areas of common struggle for many teen-age students. Some of them lack foundational language skills and struggle with reading and writing.  They cannot understand increasingly complex, sophisticated sentence structures and their meanings.  Also, they do not demonstrate adequate development of oral and written language skills that reflect higher level reasoning and critical thinking.  Poor language and literacy  skills can put teen-age learners at a disadvantage as they try to pursue careers or seek opportunities in areas where literacy and effective  communication are necessary. 

Every individual deserves a chance to succeed in his or her endeavors.   The Speech Mechanic is committed to helping adolescent learners achieve those goals by improving their language and literacy skills.  This is accomplished by using evidence-based data to create a specific plan  to eliminate underlying weaknesses that make language and literacy hard to grasp. Each plan is vigorously implemented in sessions using traditional and contemporary approaches. 

OUr Four Pillars


 an Effective Treatment Plan