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Language and literacy

Many teen-age students struggle with language proficiency and literacy. They lack foundational language and reading skills which make it hard for them to understand increasingly complex, sophisticated sentences and their meanings. Their ability to demonstrate higher level reasoning and critical thinking is weakened. Those deficiencies will put them at a disadvantage when pursuing opportunities that require literacy and effective communication skills.


The Speech-Mechanic is committed to helping adolescent learners improve those skills. This is accomplished by using evidence-based data to create a specific plan to eliminate underlying weaknesses that make language and literacy hard to grasp.

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Our Four Pillars for an Effective Treatment Plan

Improvement of a speech-language disorder does not happen immediately. There must be a commitment of time and pure effort. In addition, the right tools must be available to bring about the desired outcome. The Speech-Mechanic has the tool kit to get it done. The true difference-maker is a set of standards that dictates what takes place in a session:

  • Explicit- guided instruction that is clear

  • Focused- small number of skills targeted

  • Intense-maximum exposure in limited amount of time

  • Systematic-carefully planned sequences

Since adopting and integrating them into its practice, individuals who work with the Speech-Mechanic consistently display remarkable growth and progress.

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