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The Speech-Mechanic offers consultation, evaluations, therapy treatments, and coaching for a narrow set of linguistic and social areas that are problematic or are not properly functioning.  The Speech-Mechanic specializes  in diagnosing and treating atypical behaviors related to language, speech-sound disorders, and difficulties with literacy and comprehension.  Stuttering is also included.

BILINGUAL Speech and Language Disorders

Many children have the unique opportunity of being exposed to two languages at the same time between school and home.  These learners can give the impression of having a speech-language impairment. Since 2006, the Speech-Mechanic has been providing services to this population.  Armed with extensive knowledge about bilingual speech and language disorders and a broad selection of evaluation tools, this agency is able to skillfully provide minimally biased assessments and culturally relevant interventions.

Telecommunication (digital meetings)

Every format does not work the same way for everyone.  Some people are not very responsive in the traditional face to face format.  In addition, there are many inconveniences that families encounter on a regular basis that makes consistency a challenge.  The Speech-Mechanic is proud to be a provider of therapy services by way of telecommunication, commonly referred to as tele-therapy.  While many others have recently begun to embrace this service delivery model, tele-therapy has been a consistent feature of the Speech-Mechanic for a long time.   This approach allows individuals to engage and participate in high quality therapy sessions on a computer  from the comfort of their homes.  The session is facilitated by a skilled, certified clinician.    

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