Our Process

The Speech-Mechanic offers life changing treatment and solutions to children and adults with speech and language challenges. The services are cost effective, result-oriented, and  designed to save time and money. Services  are also provided in other languages including Spanish. 

Getting Started

An initial appointment can be scheduled by calling 704-909-2824 or on-line.  No referral is necessary.  It will be our pleasure to discuss your concerns with you and to identify options and solutions that can help meet your goals.  


Depending on the outcome of the first meeting a speech screening may be administered  to determine if a follow-up evaluation is  needed.  The evaluations are useful  in identifying and describing the nature of the communication disorder.  They are comprehensive and, culturally sensitive. 


Once  an assessment has been completed, a follow-up meeting will take place to go over test results and, if necessary, review  and finalize a treatment plan.   Treatment plans are developed to address the specific  communicative  needs of each client.  Every clinical decision and action  is driven by evidence based research.  


The Speech Mechanic is an out-of-network provider, therefore you pay us directly. We provide you with a monthly receipt of paid services. Then, you submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement.


If you are interested in using your insurance, please call your insurance company to verify coverage to receive reimbursement for "out of network" services. Verify if you have a PPO plan or out-of-network benefits for speech and language therapy before you call The Speech Mechanic. Many families who have the following plans take advantage of their out-of-network benefits: Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield,  Aetna,  and United.​


301 McCullough Dr., Suite 422

Charlotte, NC 28262

(704) 909-2824