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The Speech-Mechanic is more than just...

A cool spot that offers practical advice,

Access to a cool tech device,

And speech-language therapy with a little spice.


It is not your typical speech office or clinic!

Rather, it is an innovative practice dedicated to making communication possible when it seems impossible. Some of the most dynamic and creative sessions take place there. Thus, not only do clients experience success but they become improved version of themselves.

We invite you to see if the Speech-Mechanic is the right fit for you.


Created with Purpose:

The speech-language system is complex. It all starts in the brain the moment a person has a thought and a need to express it. Thus, with impeccable timing and coordination, the brain engages different muscles in the chest, neck, jaw, tongue, and lips to work in harmony to produce precise, yet distinct sounds.

Sometimes- and for different reasons- this mechanism does not always function as it should. Words do not come out right or they do not come out at all. When that happens, it becomes necessary to have a skilled person with the right tools to diagnose and treat the problem. For this purpose, the Speech Mechanic came into existence.

About Us

 The Word is Steadily  Getting Out: 

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We truly appreciate everything you have done to help her overcome her speech obstacles. She loves knowing you call to check in on her. You are an amazing speech therapist! Thank you Cavin.

One of the best kept secrets in town.   We are so grateful for  what you have done with our child.   In less than 2 years he went from not being able to say most of his sounds to being able to speak very well.  

We are convinced that his success was jump started by your work with him.   There is no doubt that God answered our prayers when he crossed your path with ours. We can’t thank you enough for the work you did with Alex.

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